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Snooper Professional version 2.2.5

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Snooper Multi Channel

Extra tools

Latest update 2017-05-20

v 2.2.5 Performance and bug fixes.

v 2.2.3 Tone triggering added. Trigger on a single frequency, dual frequencies, Two-Tone paging signals or a DTMF-sequence.

v 2.1.7 Minor bug fixes.

v 2.1.5 FileRename plugin added. Some new user variables added. Various improvements.

v 2.0.3 Tray app problem fixed.

v 2.0.2
Performance and bug fixes.

v 1.16.3 Bug fixes. Certificate problem fixed.

v 1.16.2 Bug fixes in FileCopy plugin. Minor improvements.

v 1.15.5 WCF connection problems fixed.
v 1.15.4 Stability improvements. New plugin added in Extra tools.

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         Snooper version 1.48.1            

Latest update 2017-05-13

v 1.48.1 Minor improvements.
v 1.47.8 Problem that duration info of files longer than 2 hours could be wrong is fixed. Some minor improvements.

v 1.47.7 Bug fixes. Certificate problem fixed.
v 1.47.6 Stability improvements.
v 1.47.4 Windows XP GetTickCount64 errors fixed.
Reduced size of installer.

v 1.47.3 Windows 10 improvements. .NET framework 4. File explorer GUI changes.
v 1.46.5 Minor improvements.
v 1.46.4 Fixes problem to update Snooper from behind firewall. Windows 10 improvements. Minor tweaks and improvements.

Installation instructions:

Download and execute the setup file and follow the instructions in the installation program.

When updating from an older version (just download and execute one of the above installation files) note that the stealth mode flag will be reset but all other settings will be untouched.

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License agreement

System requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or Windows 10.
.NET Framework version 4.
Windows compatible Sound card.

Internet connection for email, FTP, Dropbox etc.

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Uninstall instructions:

Open the Windows Control panel and select the Program and Features icon and right-click the Snooper version you wish to uninstall.

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