Frequently asked questions about Snooper

What is a typical setup for a good recording and accurate triggering on low voice levels?
Enable AGC (File/Options/Audio/Input level amplifier) and set the level to 50-60 dB.

Use a filter (High Pass - 200 Hz) in the advanced filter settings dialog to dampen low frequency noise and hum.

The trigger sensitivity (front GUI) is typical a value between 0-200 ms.
Record a noise profile (the blue button at the front GUI).

Check the "Only on trigger" if you want to record the sound without filtering and only use the filter when triggering, by using this option it is possible to filter harder during trigger without affecting recording quality.


What are the gmail SMTP settings?
In the mail settings use port 587. In the Advanced settings TLS must be enabled and SMTP authentication checked. User Id and Password must be filled in.

How do I get back from stealth mode?
If you forgot your hotkey combination, the simplest way to get into the program again is to re-run the setup.exe file which will reset the stealth flag in the ini-file but keep the rest of the settings intact.

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Is it possible to start the Snooper Professional service from a Windows Task scheduler?

Yes it is!

First install the Snooper Professional service:

Select manual startup type:

Close Snoopr Professional.

Start the Windows "Task scheduler".

Create a task for 
for the Snooper Professional service.

Task scheduler

Add a trigger with start time etc.

Trigger scheduler

Add an action -> Start the pre-made script that starts the Snooper Professional service located in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Snooper Professional\SnooperStart.bat

Action scheduler

OK. Done!

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