Snooper Professional Remote Monitor

Snooper Professional Remote Monitor is a tool that can monitor remote or local instances of  the Snooper Pro software over the network.

Useful for home surveillance, baby monitor, allowing trainers and supervisors to monitor agents calls etc.

Even useful to monitor audio when calibrating filter and AGC settings or checking service instance of Snooper Pro on the local computer.

Start several instances on local computer to monitor locations where Snooper Pro is installed.

Use the audio monitoring feature to listen in to live audio data.

Snooper remote monitor

Customize the GUI to show relevant information.

Snooper remote  sound monitoring

Setup Snooper Professional to have the Snooper Remote Service enabled and make sure that the appropriate port is opened in firewalls.

Protect connections to the Snooper Pro instance with Windows authentication.

Enable Remote Monitor functionality

Remote Monitor is a free tool and current version is 1.3.7 and can be downloaded here.
Requires latest version of Snooper Professional.

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